Online Marketing

Nowadays, Social Media Marketing is widely used by businesses because it represents a cost-effective marketing solution The Social Media Marketing weapons can be used largely for free and very easily, in comparison with other promotional tools.The main purposes of using Social Media Marketing are the amplification of word of mouth marketing, market research, general marketing, idea generation and new product development, co innovation, customer service, public relations, employee communications and reputation management.
Indeed, social networks can increase product and brand awareness, web traffic, customer loyalty, but also improve the company’s search Engine Optimization , and even increase the success of new product launches.

Social Media Marketing can be using unconventional means to achieve conventional goals, through the use of creativity, community, and relationships instead of big budgets to achieve marketing objectives. These methods are powerful guerrilla marketing strategies.

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Advantages of Using Online Marketing for the Customer business 







  1. Increase Brand Exposure.
  2. Build awareness.
  3. Brand reputation management.
  4. Increase targeted traffic.
  5. Improve Search Engine Optimization.



  1. Customer Stay Updated.
  2. Customer Can Compare prices and Features.
  3. Clear product Information.
  4. Transparent pricing Available 24/7.
  5. Track Customer Purchase and Choose Delivery dates.
  6. Reduction in Personal Carbon Footprint.


Research & Development


  1. Market insights on target audience.
  2. Competitor Monitoring.
  3. New Ideas Captured from Community.




  1. Cost Effective.
  2. Reduce cost in Marketing and Customer Service & recruitment.


Public Relations


  1. Communication in real time.
  2. Increase brand exposure.



Human Resource


  1. Business Networking.
  2. Facilitated recruitment.
  3. Reduce recruitment cost.